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 Staff Information Thread

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PostSubject: Staff Information Thread   Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:40 pm

Here are the staff members so far on Pengorama. This will soon be a full FAQ but for now it is just a reference showing all the staff.

- Administrators are the head staff members of the forum. They have all the moderator permissions and they can also edit the forum send mass emails and do just about anything on the forum. A new administrator will most likely be added in the future.


- Moderators can not change the forum but they have powers to moderate the forum. They can lock, edit, and delete threads. They can also ban users. Their job is to make sure the forum is safe and spam free.

Ambie Gal

Trainee Mods
- Trainee mods are moderators in training. They must pass the trainee mod stage before they become a full mod. They have all the same powers as a regular mod.

There are no Trainee Moderators at the moment.
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Staff Information Thread
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