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 ~~Personal Pictores.~~*Snap*

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PostSubject: ~~Personal Pictores.~~*Snap*   Tue Aug 19, 2008 4:10 pm

Well, They had one of these on MC, so I figured I could start the first-in-pengorama-history Picture thread! This is where you post some picture(s) of yourself. I will try to keep the main thread updated.

  • This is where pictures of people go.

I don't have any of me yet. I will soon.

also, do not be scared of people tracking you down and doing something bad to you. It isn't likely at all for several reasons.

1.) if staff is smart, they have set that setting on that makes guests not be able to see pictures.
2.) Even if they didn't they couldn't track you because...
3.) People never put their location in the location box past state/province.
4.) The map in the "who's online" Spot is wrong. It says my friend that lives in the same town as me is in NM.
5.)We're all friends here and wouldn't want to do something bad to eachother.
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~~Personal Pictores.~~*Snap*
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