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 Tom's Bio

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Pengorama Fan
Pengorama Fan

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PostSubject: Tom's Bio   Sat Aug 09, 2008 1:16 pm

Fact File
Name: Thomas
Age: 14
Pets: 6 Goldfish (Tiddles,Sooty,Jaffa,Bert,Sweep,stripes)
Fav Hobby: Cricket
Fav Film: Transformers(2007) and When Zachary Beever Came To Town(2005)
Hometown: Liverpool,UK

CP And Forum Life
I Started out On Miniclip forums Underaged as a 11 Year Old In 2005 then lost intrest.
I Joined Penguin Island In Jan 2007 and Soon Became A Popular Member and soon Became 3rd Most posts after Lt Giovanni (the Owner) Then It Got Deleted.
I Soon Joined MCCP In July 2007 and Didnt start posting till october but it was fun!
I joined lots of other forums and Made my Own (Secretpengs)Which Is Soon To Be Deleted and is 375 Days old!
I Then Just Chilled Out Chatting to other people on Bribble and XAT.
I Joined Penguinsrus and Pengorama Recently and Mod In non Of Them

Forums I'm On Currently
Pengorama - Member
Penguins R Us - Member and Sponser
Fires Forum - Presidential Advisor
MCCP - Member

Chat's Im On Currently
TomCPPlace - Main Owner
Vital viper's Chat - Member
Rockhopper trackers Chat - Trainne Mod

CP Life
I Made My Account In Sept 2006 and Im Called Tommader Its Cos My freinds called me "Mad" Then And My name Is Tom So I added the "er" to make Tommader

My Second Account I made in Oct 2006 Is Called Harv 2007 Since My Best Freind Then Was Called Harvey and it was 2007 soon so I added them to become Harv 2007

Thanks For Reading My Life!
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Tom's Bio
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